Enerate comprise of 4 professionally trained, studied & genetically perfected musicians.

So what happens when you get 4 pro-creatives in one room?

A whole lot of Enerate.

Pop-lover lyrics.

Funky bass.

Synth mod & gorgeous backing-vox.

Smooth ‘n’ groovy up-beats.


Josh Graham has given birth. Men usually verbalise themselves with words like “aww yeah, that happened, what of it?” All those poetic life experiences that you seldom hear about in a man’s world have been musi-fied, lyricized & funki-fied into sound.

Indeed, the graphics, the style, the intention has been brought to the ears & eyes of thousands by this man. & boy is he humble about attention from triple J unearthed, FBi, Triple H, Oz Music Choice Awards nominations, inter-state touring & a hit single that has been snapped up for global adverts: all pure creation of this one soul. 

But bringing such effervescent songs to life can only be done with supportive & a uber talented possie.

Mr Ben Fitzpatrick brings a dirty moe & a funky beat. Kickin’ it with hipster-esque savvy drums & sporting comedic personality on stage, he is a charmer. Give that man a microphone.

Mr Matt Niciak channels the kind of suggestive expressionism circa acid-tripping-Jim Morrison-impregnating-women-from-the-stage. True funk & soul in this bass player’s talents & star quality stage presence. 

& how do such lads stay in check & marginally P.C.? It’s got to be the chick. Miss Therese Watson: stealing your respect with a voice of perfect control & coy. Owning the synth, dancing with a tambourine & singing backing vocals. A mistress of multi-tasking-complexities.

These kids have personality. They have fun. They have created an experience. One that is topped off by a crab dancing crowd.

Want to get your brain wrapped around Enerate: see this & hear this.